Your browser-stored API key is:

Testing & Docs

Have a play with our interactive doc set below.

Authorize yourself by entering the API Key. Click GET and Try it out and you can frame your test query using any of the usual query parameters.

When a user visits your site the data packet generated is called a Payload. Use payloadKey to choose which element of the Payload you wish to inspect.

Hit Execute and if you've been successful you'll see a 200 Code response together with your answer.

You can also test using your favourite tools like curl or postman.

Get Going

Add one line of code.

CopyPaste the following <script> into the header of your html page to enable the API.

<script src="" id="quill"
locator.selector="button:contains(Buy it now)"

[OPTIONAL CONFIG] dyno_id If your HTML contains an input element with this ID the payload picks up any user entry into that element (can be useful for labelling). Enter nothing and the payload uses an email input element.

[OPTIONAL CONFIG] locator.selector If your HTML contains an element matching this selector the payload fires on its click. Enter nothing and the payload uses [type=submit] elements instead.

Ready to Go The service will immediately begin generating behavioral data for you, but you'll need your API key to interact with it.